request to add some features in V5 HD

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request to add some features in V5 HD

Post by Ahsan » Mon Dec 21, 2020 1:20 pm


request from me.....

1. accurate youtube code search. (like... v=........).

2. favorite channel list option for IPTV section.

3. while creating favorite channel list pop up menu showing first few letters of channel name... difficult to guess exact channel name.

4. if possible update "network upgrade" link.

5. if possible add "Bangladesh" in Modem search setting.. (i saw d-link usb modem support router can detect any generic usb modem. very simple to use).

6. if possible add generic usb to lan device support. specific chipset usb - lan device sometimes hard to find or costly.

7. USB drive..... save/backup/restore option for current satellite setting, favorite channel list.


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